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We offer a comprehensive roof cleaning service, from chemical pressure wash to professional chemical treatments in West Auckland and the Waitakere region. 

Roof washing is an important part of exterior house washing. Without timely maintenance, you could incur urgent and costly repairs one day. Biomass such as mould , moss and lichen that grow on roofs feed of the substrate they are growing on and will eventually erode into the surface discolouring and damaging your roof.

We use the latest moss removal technology, ensuring to remove all the biomasses and dirt from the surface.There are two options for maintaining  your roof & they are as follows;

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning involves chemically washing your roof with high-pressure water. This removes the dirt and grime for an instant clean result. This can sometimes be a good option, however, this is not always the best option for cleaning your roof.Roof washing is a relatively expensive process as it required safety harnesses and the ability to tie off onto anchor points. In many cases, we are required to fix some temporary anchor points to the roof to tie off to.

If you have moss mould and or lichen growth sometimes the best option is a roof treatment.

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Roof Treatment

To treat a roof we can apply our Spik and Span Spray and Forget chemical from the ground or from a ladder.This chemical will kill off the growth within 4-6 weeks and then the wind, rain, and sun will cause it to weather away over the next 8-12 months

A roof treatment is recommended every 2-3 years and should be part of your 3 Year Maintenance plan.

Comprehensive roof cleaning at simply affordable rate

We guarantee effective roof cleaning results you can see the second we leave your home. Our cleaning treatment will add life to your roof by removing the lichen, mould and moss.

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