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Spider Treatments West Auckland

Exterior Insect and spider spraying

For Spider treatments Spray and Wash West Auckland/Waitakere  recommend and utilise Deltamethrin 15SC and it is suitable for use in residential and commercial applications for eradicating spiders, cockroaches, ants, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects.

For long term control of pests, our product is approved for interior and exterior of Houses, Factories, Restaurants and Meat Processing Plants

Our product is applied as a coarse mist to exterior walls, window frames, door frames, vents, pergolas and other surfaces which pest insects and spiders might contact. This will act as a barrier to many pests and will prevent the unsightly appearance of spider webbing build up around the home.

We spray a consistent stream around the base and top of all external walls. We pay particular attention to doorways and around windows and vents. For spiders, we pay attention to gutters and downpipes and other areas where spiders hide or build webs. Our process requires we leave the sprayed area for 2- 5 days before removing spider webbing with a building wash down.

Deltamethrin 15SC has a longer lasting effect than some other bug chemicals such as pyrethrins which are more water soluble 

How long does it last?

Deltamethrin 15SC has a long-lasting effect. Once it is sprayed the product will continue to be toxic to Spiders and bugs for 4 – 6 months which is often enough time eradicate the pests completely. We recommend an annual spray of our spider treatment before the exterior building is washed.

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